International Board of Examiners

of the International College of Applied KInesiology


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Questions may be drawn from:

George Goodheart: Workshop Procedure Manuals 1964-1998
Collection of Reprints
David Leaf Flow Chart Manual
David Walther: Applied Kinesiology Vol 1,
Applied Kinesiology Vol 2,
Applied Kinesiology Synopsis
Walter Schmitt Common Glandular Dysfunctions in General Practice,
An Applied Kinesiological Approach
Compiled Notes on Clinical Nutritional Products

Approved A.K. material as determined by the procedures of the ICAK Board of Standards.


Supplemented by broadly accepted standard texts in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, diagnosis, nutrition, and acupuncture.

Most of the texts can be purchased on-line from Triad of Health Publishing:


In general we do not write questions on material newer than 3 years old, as it is usually in the development stages and subject to change.


In the event of conflict among sources, Walther's newer material takes precedence over older books, Goodheart takes precedence over Walther and Schmitt, and current "approved material" from the I.C.A.K. Board of Standards takes precedence over Goodheart and other material. (see I.C.A.K. International By-Laws)

In all subjects, but especially in acupuncture and nutrition, if there is an apparent conflict between a special A.K. application of a principle and a more classical approach, the A.K. usage will be stressed, unless otherwise stated in the question.

Areas of controversy within A.K. are avoided in the written exam until they are resolved and generally accepted, preferably with "Official A.K." or Board of Standards status.

Any question an examinee feels is unclear, inaccurate, or in violation of the above should be noted by the candidate on the comment sheet provided during the exam. These questions are reviewed by the Board, and any appropriate adjustments made. The decision of I.B.E. is final and will be based on every effort to achieve fairness and accuracy.