International Board of Examiners

of the International College of Applied KInesiology


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When a sitting of the written or practical IBE examination is requested at a site other than a regular I.C.A.K. meeting, (any chapter), the cost for the examination must be borne by the examinee(s). In addition to the regular examination fees, examinees must provide payment for the following additional expenses:

  1. Hotel accommodations and food for the examiners for the days of the examination.
  2. Transportation of examiners to the examination site if they are not already present at the site.
  3. Cost of room for examinations or $1000 US, whichever is greater.

IBE will cover:

  1. Examiner honorariums
  2. Cost of translator
  3. Model fees if any
  4. Copying costs for examination
  5. Video media and reproduction if any.

If the examiner is already at the site (e.g. to lecture), then only the actual additional expenses incurred to give the examination are included in addition to or the special exam fee. These costs are to be divided amongst the candidates taking the examination. Candidates should appoint an "examination organizer" to be local liaison for setting up the examination and to coordinate payment of the special examination fee or costs with the I.B.E. Corresponding Secretary.

The $1000/day special examination fee or examination costs must be received by the I.B.E. Corresponding Secretary 60 days prior to the date of the special examination. Actual costs will not be known until after the examination. Any expenses not paid by the candidate(s) will be billed directly to the "examination organizer" for division amongst the examinees. Grades will not be released nor diplomate status confirmed until all expenses are paid in full. All other prerequisites to sitting the examination apply (application and standard examination fee received 60 days prior to special examination date, etc.)

Of course it is to the advantage of the candidates to arrange the largest possible group to take the examinations at each special examination to keep costs lower for each candidate. For a large special sitting, allocation of translation, model, and examination room costs may be negotiated with a sponsoring chapter to fit the circumstances of the sitting.

All candidates are encouraged to work actively to support their I.C.A.K. chapters and to take their diplomate examinations in conjunction with regularly scheduled chapter meetings wherever possible, avoiding all extra special examination costs.

The request must be made to the President of IBE 2 months  in advance of the proposed special sitting. Approval of requested examination sites is at the discretion of the President and depends on a variety of practical considerations such as availability of proctors.