International College of Applied Kinesiology

International Board of Examiners (IBE)


Information to Diplomate Candidates

To be a diplomate in any specialty has built-in expectations and responsibilities. A diplomate represents the highest level of knowledge and experience in a specialty. A diplomate is expected to maintain current knowledge and represent their specialty whenever and wherever they lecture, study, or appear. Their practice and behavior affect the standards of their specialty.

Obtaining diplomate status is not easy. Specific requirements have been established to assure all professions that a diplomate of the ICAK has been well trained and examined. This information is to help you prepare for the examination.



  1. A chiropractic, medical, osteopathic, dental or other health care license or registration, fulfilling the requirements for full (voting) membership of his/her chapter of ICAK, with a minimum of 3,500 undergraduate professional educational hours or equivalent.
  2. The candidate at the time of application for the Diplomate exam must be a current member in the ICAK (provisional) chapter in his/her geographic area, having been a member for at least the calendar year prior to the date of application.
  3. At least one year’s membership in good standing of ICAK
  4. At least 300 hours A.K. instruction by qualified instructors (ICAK diplomates, at least two different teachers) Hours accumulated after July 1, 1991 must be taught by a Certified Teaching Diplomate.
  5. The 300 hours of A.K. education must include passing a basic curriculum as defined by BCT. No more than 200 hours may be accumulated by repeating the basic course.
  6. A minimum of three years practice of A.K.
  7. Attendance at one ICAK chapter meeting
  8. Two original papers submitted to ICAK and IBE including your chapter’s evaluation form of the paper submitted for the practical portion of the diplomate exam
  9. Completed application received by IBE Corresponding Secretary at least 60 days before the examination. Fee of $1,200.00 US dollars must accompany the application.


Make checks payable to I.B.E. or International Board of Examiners. Checks made payable to any other payee cannot be deposited into the Board’s account. If you are sending money from outside the U.S., make the check payable in U.S. dollars and drawn from a U.S. bank.

Alternatively, payment may be made by Pay Pal. The IBE will add a 5% credit card service fee for this type of payment, however, it is still often the most convenient method

All correspondence should be sent to the I.B.E. Corresponding Secretary, Overdorf, Todd L. D.C., 1459 Stuart Engals blvd. suite 201 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 USA Phone (843) 388-5197 Fax (843) 388-5368 Email
Good luck in your endeavors

Refund Policy: If an applicant decides to withdraw from the examination process before beginning the examination, the examination fee will be refunded less a 40% administrative fee. After the examination process has been started, no refunds will be granted.